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Work with an expert tutor with 4000+ hours of experience and demonstrated results!
36 ACT
1580 SAT
NMSQT Finalist

Experience. Personalization. Results.

Whether you're just starting out your test prep journey or trying to break through the final hurdle to your goal score, work with an expert tutor to

"Zakiy tutored my daughter for the ACT. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Zakiy is incredibly smart, has a lovely disposition with parents and students, is prompt and communicative, and most importantly, clearly knows what he is doing. He is strategic in every aspect of his tutoring for the ACT, which is exactly what we needed and what hooked my daughter into the plan. She never complained about the tutoring sessions -- she saw the value immediately. Result: 7 point composite increase with 6-8 point improvement in every test area! When push came to shove, she saw that her scores were below what she needed for her first choice college. With only three weeks to study before her last chance to improve her scores, she began to work with Zakiy. Zakiy tutored my daughter for a total of about 18 hours and gave her practice assignments. He zeroed in strategically on the types of questions that were the most problematic for her and explained, for example, that if she had just known a certain skill, she would have gotten 8 questions correct and thereby improved her score by 3 points (numbers estimated from memory). That approach drew my daughter in right away and it worked! I highly recommend Zakiy for ACT tutoring. It was worth every minute and every penny."

Nancy, 9 lessons with Zakiy

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